Spotify started offering limited audiobook listening late last year for no extra charge – after the first price increase in the company’s history went through for all US premium subscribers. What Spotify did was bundle their paid-for music subscriptions in the US with its nascent audiobook service in an attempt to lower the rates it pays to songwriters and music publishers. Spotify says it’s entitled to bundle services in this way. In this episode, why former Spotify Global Head of Music Publishing Adam Parness sees it differently.

A live interview at NYU with David Israelite. United States Copyright Office Register Shira Perlmutter oversees a team of 500 people and advises the U.S. Congress and the executive branch on copyright policy.

By definition her office is the foremost expert on copyright in the country. But she is the foremost expert, as a person, on copyright in the country. If you’re excited or terrified by how music policy is being made around AI — especially deepfakes and digital likeness — you won’t want to miss this wide-ranging public conversation with Register Perlmutter and NMPA President David Israelite. Special thanks to peermusic.

This week we unpack the full year 2023 RIAA data. Are we too dependent on subscription growth? Larry Miller and Billboard Power 100 music lawyer Lynn Gonzalez debate. Also: What happened at Hipgnosis and putting the Shot Tower Capital report in context; why we love Cowboy Carter, the new Beyoncé magnum opus; and Larry gets a sneak peek at the sparkly new Brooklyn Paramount.

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Star music lawyer Lynn Gonzalez of Granderson Des Rochers joins NYU Steinhardt Music Business prof Larry Miller on this Musonomics Flash episode to dissect the IFPI Global Music Report and emerging markets growth; Suno, a startlingly impressive AI for text-based music creation and The Soul of a Machine; Bandlab blows through a new milestone and Larry explains why private equity isn’t a giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of the music industry.

Musonomics Flash is supported by Luminate.

On Wednesday, Luminate, the data company powering the Billboard charts, released its 2023 year-end music report.

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift had a big year — with five of the top 10 albums on the US album chart, 1/78th of all the on-demand streams in the US, and a staggering 1.7% of the entire US market; It’s also no surprise that Country music had another big year, with over 20 Billion streams.

But there’s more…

Larry Miller and guest co-host Britnee Foreman from Exceleration Music read and digested the whole 79-page report, so you don’t have to.

In this mini-episode they share key takeaways and surprises, and make a few predictions based on what they learned.

After you’ve listened to the podcast, you can access the entire Luminate report HERE.

The public stocks of many music companies like UMG, WMG and Spotify now trade on NYSE, NASDAQ and foreign exchanges. But wouldn’t it be cool to easily invest in US and overseas labels, publishers, royalty funds, digital services, concert promoters, venue operators, creator tools and broadcasters across the entire global music sector, in a single trade? Join MUSQ founder David Schulhof as we unpack how the first music ETF came together — now.