YouTube’s Big Red Elephant is Loose in the Music Industry’s Room


Season 2 of The Musonomics podcast kicks off today with the release of episode 8, “YouTube’s Big Red Elephant is Loose in the Music Industry’s Room.” We’ve talked a lot on previous shows about the streaming wars; Spotify vs Tidal vs Apple Music vs Deezer vs an ever-growing list of new faces — but there’s one streaming service whose user numbers dwarf the competition, and that streaming service is YouTube. In just 10 years, YouTube has become the biggest streaming service in the world.

But how did YouTube become so huge, and what’s next for the streaming giant? How how will YouTube continue to shape the music industry? To find out, we take a look back to 2005 and trace YouTube’s explosive growth over the past 10 years.

Larry Miller and Rich Greenfield in New York.

Then we chat with Rich Greenfield about what all that growth and power means for the music industry, and what to expect from YouTube in the coming years. Then finally, we take a quick look at YouTubeRed, the streaming giant’s new subscription service.

As always, you can find our newest episode 8 on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitchr, and iHeart Radio.



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