Adele’s highly anticipated album, 25, releases November 20th, but questions still remain. Will she release 25 on Spotify and other streaming platforms on the same day as the physical release, or will she bait more sales by staggering the release on streaming platforms?

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At Musonomics, we often talk to more people than we can fit into an episode. As a result, some great wisdom gets left on the cutting room floor. While researching our latest episode, “YouTube’s Big Red Elephant is Loose in the Music Industry’s Room,” we got on the phone with Larry Mills, CEO and founder of We Are The Hits, a company that has devised a way for amateur artists to legally cover hit songs in YouTube videos and then share revenue from those videos with the rights holders of the covered songs — no small feat in today’s convoluted music industry. In this Musonomics Q&A,  Mills shares some great insight on YouTube’s dominance, it’s importance to the music industry, and how We Are The Hits has tried to create an environment where everybody wins.

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Season 2 of The Musonomics podcast kicks off today with the release of episode 8, “YouTube’s Big Red Elephant is Loose in the Music Industry’s Room.” We’ve talked a lot on previous shows about the streaming wars; Spotify vs Tidal vs Apple Music vs Deezer vs an ever-growing list of new faces — but there’s one streaming service whose user numbers dwarf the competition, and that streaming service is YouTube. In just 10 years, YouTube has become the biggest streaming service in the world.

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We’re back with another installment of Musonomics!

In our second episode we take a look at Tidal, Jay-Z’s newest headline grabber, and the state of the industry segment that Tidal is trying to conquer. Tom Silverman of Tommy Boy talks about how we’ll get to a $100 billion music business. Larry Rosin of Edison Research explains how music streaming consumption is actually evolving. And we learn about the music licensing value gap with YouTube from Alex Jacobs of the IFPI.

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If you’re a copyright infringer and you thought your Soundcloud account was safe–think again. According to The Verge SoundCloud has partnered with the same company that helps YouTube scan their videos for copyright infringement. Though it would seem that the goal is not increased litigation. It’s possible that the goal of the partnership copyright holders to get paid even when the media was uploaded illegally. This works by allowing copyright holders to run ads on the illegally uploaded content, thereby monetizing the previously revenue-less upload.