Music, Money and the Super Bowl

It’s really big!  But exactly how big is the Super Bowl halftime show for the artists that perform on it — and on the music makers whose songs are used in commercials produced for the big game?

Super Bowl 50 is this weekend, so on this episode of Musonomics, Larry Miller examines music’s relationship to the NFL’s biggest day. We’ll take a look back at some classic ads to see how and why the Super Bowl became so important to the marketing industry, and Josh Rabinowitz of Grey Advertising will shed light on how music works in Super Bowl ads.

Percent Sales increase

Then we’ll shift our focus to the halftime show, and chat with Ed Christman of Billboard about the show’s marketing power and why it is that although the halftime show performances do help to sell records, downloads and streams, they don’t have the same selling power as a performance on the Grammys.

You can listen to the new episode above via Soundcloud, or you can also find it on iTunes, YouTube, and Stitcher.

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